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Divine Health & Wellness is a medical wellness clinic located in downtown Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Divine Health & Wellness is a medical wellness clinic located in downtown Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Divine exists to help people look and feel their best throughout their continuum of life. Our knowledgeable health professionals work with you to provide a treatment plan to help you reach your personal and wellness goals.
At Divine Health & Wellness, we offer a range of services that cater to your diverse needs, whether you’re seeking guidance on weight management, hormone balance, or rejuvenating treatments. Our expert health professionals collaborate with you to design a holistic treatment plan that combines medical expertise with compassionate care.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to empower individuals to look and feel their best at every stage of life. We recognize that true wellness encompasses more than just physical health; it extends to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With this holistic approach, we work closely with each client to develop personalized treatment plans that align with their unique goals and aspirations.

Whether you prefer in-clinic visits or the convenience of virtual appointments, Divine Health & Wellness is here to accommodate your preferences. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond physical location, ensuring that you receive the care you deserve regardless of your location.

Embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life with Divine Health & Wellness. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation and take the first step towards achieving your wellness goals.

Your well-being, our priority. Together, let’s embrace the path to divine health.

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“Divine Health & Wellness helped me hit my weight loss goal. Matt listens to my concerns and answers all of my questions. I feel like I have a partner in my journey to health. So happy that I found him!”